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hypnosis music

Are you fighting frustration?  Do you ever feel like your life is out of control?  Does it seem like you are the hamster on the wheel….running really fast, making good time and getting NOWHERE!!

It’s time to take a break! a music break!

That’s the way I felt too.

And everything started to change when I went to a hypnosis session.

I know! What the hell is a Hypnosis session?!

Remember when I slept on the streets and now I was ready to change my life. Well, I was ready to try anything that could help me heal my soul and move forward in my new path.

I reached out to my mother (who’s always being very spiritual and I never really paid attention to) and when she found out what I was going through, she recommended me to visit one of her “witch friends” as I used to call them.

It turned out this friend wasn’t a witch, haha. She had a certificate hanging on her wall, but I didn’t see any recognizable school or college for that matter. But what the hell, I was there, ready to get control of my destiny and well…ready to try anything.

In reality, the process was simple, I laid down on a couch and relax. She guided me with her voice as I maintained my eyes closed.

The hypnosis went well, I got into deep relaxation and with various exercises, I recharged myself with positive energy and when I opened my eyes I felt really good. I was aware of what was going on the whole time, but it feels like you were in a really deep concentration; and time kind of disappears.

After a couple of sessions, I worked on some internal things and felt better with myself.

I also started meditating at home.

I used a lot of the music I had written and continued to write even more music that would help me relax, massage my emotions and even help me get into deep meditation.

Sometimes, our days are full of obstacles or we just keep so busy that we don’t have time to stop and enjoy our environment and also ourselves.

Music is an important part of being human because it helps us excite or sometimes amplify our emotions.

And of course, we feel more human when we get to FEEL something!

As an example, my “Piano Sentiments”  is a series of beautiful melodies that provides comfort to your ears as well as harmonies that will take you to that special place within you. Or it could be as simple as listening in your car as you drive through the busy highway on your way back home. Forget about the noise there is out there in the world and share a moment with yourself, play a couple of songs from my album and connect with the joy of being home, or cooking or reading or meditating or just driving.

Being in connection with ourself, our feelings and our souls help us move forward in life. Music is just a tool that allows us to have a background soundtrack while we live our lives.

Holding back our emotions doesn’t really help us and it actually makes us do things that don’t benefit us and sometimes it make us go in war with ourselves. I know hypnosis might not be for everyone but somehow it worked on me.

I know! I got a bit deep there…

The hell with it! even if you don’t want to connect with you inside or your emotions, listening to Piano Sentiments will, as I said before, create a harmonious background soundtrack that’s settle enough for you to enjoy your favorite activity.

I listen to my music when I want to calm my self down after an agitated day, or to meditate. I also use it to slow things down or just while I drive during the 5pm traffic.

You will find that my music works great to stay in focus and to support you on exercises such as meditation, reading, relaxing, painting, or simply enjoying the quietness of an afternoon. To be honest, sometimes I just listen to it for the pleasure of it. And I hope you do too, either way.

To me, music touches more than your ears, it touches the soul. I’ve experienced how people listen to my music and get this amazing emotional reaction to it; they really connect to what they hear in many of my melodies. In some cases goosebumps run through their bodies.

Music is part of our culture, our lifestyle, our story; whether you write it, play it or just listen to it.

Karluca at the studio

I like to play, compose music and collaborate with other artists because it’s part of who I am. Besides, someone has to create music…because old music sometimes gets…OLD!

I’ve been able to grow as an artist and now I know that I like to play the piano and create my own compositions because I LOVE it. It makes me feel good. It allows me to connect with me as well as with others; and at the same time, lets others connect with more people.

And for the last couple of years I have dedicated myself to writing music and to let it all out.

I’ve been lucky enough to have my music in movies, documentaries, youtube videos, and even video meditations. Sometime I even like to create my own version (remixes) of current hits (as you already know)

I love making music and making it available to the world to listen to it.

But perhaps something more important, it’s YOU, the listener. Being able for me to connect with you and with others that makes all of it matter.

I look forward to many more sometimes-hard, sometimes-ugly, always-worthwhile experiences along this musical journey. Here’s to hoping that you are part of that journey.

If you’d like to hear the most recent milestone of that journey, 

click here to listen to my recent published album, ‘Piano Sentiments ONE’.

And remember, this is a gift you can give yourself for the price of a few cups of coffee. And it will be yours forever!

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