Karluca- Music Producer

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Music Producer/Songwriter

Karluca is currently working at Fusion Studios where he also produces music for film as well as other type of music compositions. Karluca understands and believes in providing high quality audio compositions and recordings to soloists, voice actors, artists, authors, television studios, filmmakers, marketing firms, and businesses. With a great knowledge on industry standard equipment, software, and plugins. Karluca provides a great production sounds and well produced tunes.

With a variety of genre expertise, Karluca writes music that includes classical, electronic, cinematic and meditational.

This is a commercial reel that features some of his work.


Karluca has more than 15 years of experience in music production and music composition. For the last 6 years, Karluca has been working in music compositions for film and video as well as songwriting.

  • Rock/Alternative Mixing
  • Song Arrangements
  • Songwriting
  • Electronic/Pop
  • Piano Melodies
  • Orchestral Compositions


Piano Melodies

Piano Instrumentals

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