“For MUSIC LOVERS who find reward in the PLEASANT SOUNDS OF PIANO SONGS, a treasure trove awaits within the tracks of Karluca’s music…”

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Karluca Music composerKarluca produces tunes that show a lot of organic and some electronic sounds that he learned during all his life playing different genres.
Karluca has written the score for indie  films such as “Final Moments” and “Foresight”. Later, Karluca would write the music for:

  • “The Door” Click Here directed by Randy LariOz
  • “Los Ocho” Click Here directed by Famor Botero


As Karluca himself has said before,”if you like Beethoven, Hans Zimmer, Michael Gettel, Tiesto, or Vangelis; or just enjoy meditating with harmonious music, Karluca’s melodies are a must have for your collection.”

Karluca’s music will take you on a journey full of romantic, uplifting and beautiful melodies.

A mix of diverse musical genres that for the last 25 years, have accompanied Karluca through his life journey; from classical music and orchestral sounds to electronic tunes and meditating tracks, his music is variable – some of his melodies sound very much like emotional improvisations – but it’s never dull, clearly pieces full of imagination and energy that are irresistible to the ear.

As Hans Zimmer once said , “I want to go and write music that announces to you that you can feel something. I don’t want to tell you what to feel, but I just want you to have the possibility of feeling something.” Karluca intents to write his music the same way and he’s honored to share his pieces with you to experience.

For a limited time Karluca is giving away his Single Album “A Taste of Karluca”; a selection of melodies from Karluca’s Albums. Just enter your name and email address in the right hand side of this site and you will be immediately sent the download link to the free tracks so you can load up your music player, and begin to expand your music library.

An amazing producer. All I can say is that he puts his soul and his life in each of his songs. I listen to everything Karluca has written and I enjoy every piano note, every meditation melody and any other song from his other albums.  I’ve also had the chance to work in collaboration with him and I’m more than honored to had worked with him in my own productions.


I really love listening to Karluca’s music. I just fly through his melodies’ notes while doing yoga, relaxing in bed or while laying in the bathtub. His music is harmonious and sublime.

Sorangy M.- Houston, TX

Karluca presents an assortment of textures for listeners to enjoy. It’s a satisfying and fulfilling release from beginning to end. Read full article…

Mindy McCall, IndiePulseMusic.com

Karluca does an exceptional job of invoking tremendous soul throughout his compositions; it is little wonder that his music has been in demand for documentaries as well as short and feature films. One might expect a cut titled “In Love” to be buoyant and light-hearted, but that isn’t the case. The melodic virtues driving the track are substantial but Karluca opts for gravitas and his piano playing fuels most of the tune with electronic instrumentation only entering the picture later in the composition. Read full article…

Loren Sperry, MusicExistence.com

I am blown away by listening to Karluca’s deeply auto-biographical Piano Sentiments One and Two; definitely award-winning-worthy albums that feature a series of highs and lows following a “renaissance” of his own. His track “Walking Men” is my favorite from this compilation; It is intriguing, melodic with emotion all over its continuous melody and instrumental solos. Both albums, absolutely memorable.

Mary Torres- Orlando, FL