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…more contemporary, yet passionate pieces expressed with great personal style, feeling and written to bring your heart beat up”


Journey by Karluca

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As Karluca himself has said before, “if you like Beethoven, Hans Zimmer, Michael Gettel, Tiesto, or Vangelis; or just enjoy meditating with harmonious music, Karluca’s melodies are a must have for your collection.”  Karluca’s music will take you on a journey full of romantic, uplifting and beautiful melodies.

His melodies have captured the attention of many people and his combination of styles and genres in this LP makes this album the perfect backdrop to an energetic afternoon at home cooking, or just during your commute to or from work in your car. His songs are catchy and finger-tapping and in this album you can hear Karluca’s pop, electronic and cinematic influences.

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“Karluca shows he has a keen ear for where to place other instrumental embellishments within the larger context of the song. His melodic strengths are on full display as well.”

Sebastian Cole – GasHouseRadio.com

“His skillful use of melody further sets him apart from the pack; this composition, as well as others, show him unreeling appealing melodies as if they spring full born from his head in an inspired rush.”

Bethany Page -VentsMagazine.com

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