Karluca musicFilm Composer  Music Producer

Karluca has more than 15 years of experience in audio production and music composition. Karluca’s life has been influenced by music and musical instruments especially the piano and guitar. Karluca took his first pursuit in music when he started classical piano lessons at the age of 6 at the conservatory. He learn to play classical, baroque and contemporary pieces that have influenced his whole music career. At his early teen years Karluca began playing keyboards for different gothic, alternative and rock bands. For years, Karluca was also deeply influenced by electronic music and he gave the electronic touch to all the music he played at the time.
After being away from the music for a couple of years due to big life changes and unexpected obstacles. Karluca returned to writing music and over the first three years, electronic music became his passion and he started producing his own music.
Now, Karluca produces tunes that show a lot of organic and some electro sounds that he picked up during all this years playing different genres but never leaving behind the electronic and classical sounds. Karluca also produces melodies the feature orchestral sounds thanks to his classical training at the conservatory and that have been used in a variety of short, features, commercials and documentaries.
Karluca wrote the score for two indie short films in 2013 titled “Final Moments” and “Foresight”. Later, Karluca would write the music for the following big screen productions among others:

  • “The Door” Click Here directed by Randy LariOz
  • “Los Ocho” Click Here directed by Famor Botero
  • “HeArt”       Click Here Produced by Rob Cowie

Today, Karluca continues to work on his own compositions and also produces in collaboration with other artist.

 Hollywood Digest Interview with Karluca

Recently, Karluca was interviewed by The Hollywood Digest magazine where he opens up  a bit more  about he is and gives some insides to his music career.

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