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Karluca’s interview and Music reviews

In the last couple of months, Karluca’s Piano Sentiments One have been getting a lot of traction online. Many websites, blogs and magazines have been reaching out to him to learn more about who Karluca is and to talk a bit more about his music career as an artist and as a music producer.

We wanted to share with Karluca’s follower, some of the things people are saying online such as:

Hollywood Digest interview with Karluca

…What are your goals for the future?

Karluca is currently working on more piano music composed and performed by him. He has also been working in collaboration with other artists in songs that fusion multiple current styles and genres. The album he is currently working on has a lot more vocal tracks featuring local artists using more modern styles but still heavily influenced by electronic and orchestral sounds in it.

To read more about this interview, please visit TheHollywoodDigest.com or CLICK HERE TO GO

ventsmagazine-Karluca Interview“It’s an impressive musical statement from beginning to end. Karluca does an exceptional job of establishing a lot of variation with this release; no one hearing this collection will claim any sort of “sameness” plagues it. He uses electronic instruments in a way tailored to reinforce rather than overshadow his piano playing; his relationship with that instrument is the defining quality of the memorable Piano Sentiments One.” Bethany Page – Vents Magazine

To read the whole review, please visit VentsMagazine.com or CLICK HERE TO GO

gas house radio Karluca review“There’s something for everyone on Karluca’s Piano Sentiments One and even those who ordinarily disdain classical music will find this to be a rewarding release if they keep an open mind and give the pieces included on the album a chance to work their considerable magic.”

Sebastian Cole – GasHouse Radio

To read the whole review, please visit Gashouseradio.com or CLICK HERE TO GO

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