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As Karluca himself has said before, “if you like Beethoven, Hans Zimmer, Michael Gettel, Tiesto, or Vangelis; or just enjoy meditating with harmonious music, Karluca’s melodies are a must have for your collection.”  Karluca’s music will take you on a journey full of romantic, uplifting and beautiful melodies.

A mix of diverse musical genres that for the last 25 years, have accompanied Karluca through his life journey; from classical music and orchestral sounds to electronic tunes and meditating tracks, his music is variable – some of his melodies sound very much like emotional improvisations – but it’s never dull, clearly pieces full of imagination and energy that are irresistible to the ear.

Most of his songs are catchy and finger-tapping stuff! others are more relaxing, but definitely with a certain charm. His soulful delivery makes this album the perfect backdrop to a relaxing afternoon at home having a glass of wine. A compilation that also stand up to concentrated listening or even just listening during your commute to or from work in your car.

“Drop of Water” is an ideal illustration of that as it achieves enormous atmospheric effects despite being a sparse composition. “Fantasy Land” treats listeners to a bit of musical sleight of hand. It begins in a muted near melancholic fashion before its demeanor picks up and conforms more closely with the song title. Karluca eschews any electronic accompaniment on this track and his piano playing carries the day.” Read More…

Bethany Page – VentMagazine.com

“It is apparent the man behind these pieces is intelligent and, above all else, thoughtful. The opener “Amore” is a prime example of the introspective mood defining many, but not all, of these recordings. Everything centers on the piano, but Karluca shows he has a keen ear for where to place other instrumental embellishments within the larger context of the song. The percussive melodic virtues of the second song “Awaken” has a much livelier character than we heard with the opener and its different instrumental strands seamlessly complement each other.” Read more… 

Sebastian Cole – GasHouseRadio.com

“There’s an inward looking personality behind the opening track “Amore” and the shortness of the piece focuses its musical energy in compelling fashion. You cannot help but enjoy Karluca’s artful touch on the piano keys during this performance. The second track “Awaken” hues more closely to the overall tone of the album and turns the mood in a different direction. Karluca engages the piano with a great deal of physicality during this track but he never diminishes the melody with this approach.” Read more…

Nicole Killian – MobYorkCity.com

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