Launching of Karluca’s Piano Sentiments One album – What people are saying –

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Karluca’s Album Piano Sentiments One has had a fantastic first round of  reviews after its launching.

Karluca’s album Piano Sentiments One is a beautiful compilation of piano melodies that can melt your heart with its intense and deep sounds. After the album was published, a variety of critics have had the opportunity to listen to the album and to provide their opinions about that they think of Karluca’s Piano Sentiments One. As a pianist and music producer, Karluca enjoys listening to what his funs and in this case, critics, are saying; for example:

indiepulse-music-Karluca Review

“The classical inclinations present in “Life Within” are impossible to ignore, but Karluca introduces synthesizer colors onto his canvas that bring the composition even more to life. The meditative quality defining almost every track Karluca includes in Piano Sentiments One remains prominent as well, but never lapses into the moodiness characterizing some of the other cuts. The album concludes with “Working Men”, a muscular piece driven by a terse piano riff and given extra oomph thanks to recurring percussion touches throughout the track. It’s one of the stormier numbers Karluca on this release and ends Piano Sentiments One in dramatic fashion.”  Mindy McCall –  IndiePulseMusic.com

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Mobyorkcity-Karluca review“His piano playing reaches memorable heights here. The final composition “Working Men” has a very different feel than the earlier track as Karluca makes some surprising instrumental additions to the track, but it concludes the album on a strong note. Piano Sentiments One is a release that holds up under repeated listens and the wealth of melodies throughout the collection more than compensates for the lack of a vocalist.” Nicole Killian – MobYorkCity.com

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Music Existence Karluca Review“There’s a lot going on in this composition, but the arrangement nevertheless doesn’t feel cluttered. It’s the crowning final touch on a collection that presents many different faces yet hinges on an internal consistency that never lets listeners down. Piano Sentiments One is a highly appropriate title for an emotional and eloquent musical statement certain to appeal to many music devotees.” Loren Sperry – MusicExistence.com

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