Manipulating your Feelings

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As I mentioned before, my brother is an excellent cinematographer and a couple of years ago we did a really cool exercise to see if I could write 4 different melodies for just one scene. The music ought inspire a different feeling even though the scene was exactly the same.

We took the camera and went to a nearby park where we filmed a series of shots that wouldn’t say or tell too much. Something simple that any type of music could apply and therefore tell the story.

The result, 4 videos delivering 4 different feelings. I wrote 4 melodies that were applied to the video. Of course, we added some color treatment to the scene to make it more interesting but I think the exercise shows how music can affect the scene. That’s why is so important to write good music for a movie.

There is something I heard before and it says, when you barely identify the music in a movie that you really liked, usually means that the composer did a good job; his job as a film composer is to accent the feeling the director is trying to deliver in a particular scene and this is usually well achieved when the music does not interrupt the dialogue flow or the images shown on the screen.

Here, I give you the 4 scenes and you be the judge. Share your thoughts guys.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

Video #4


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