Song writing process

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Sometimes people ask me what is my songwriting process or how I write the melodies I’ve published.

Well, there is not simple answer for that question and unfortunately I don’t have behind-the-scenes photos or videos, but I could describe the songwriting process in a song that was fun to write for me.

For example, Journey.

My brother, whom is an excellent cinematographer, when to Chile a couple of years ago and documented his trip. Most of the footage was in the country side of Chile. To be more precise, the south of Chile and Argentina (Yeah, I forgot to mention that he also crossed the border into Argentina around the Patagonia area)

When the project went through the editing process, we ended up with a great 4 minutes long mini documentary and we needed a song to go with the video.

After talking about the type of song and the style my brother ambitioned, I started writing the song on a Friday night (I remember because this one only took me a weekend to finished)

We knew we wanted the lyrics to go with the images and the music to have and “electronic” feel but with a slow pace.

A lot of the inspiration came from Röyksopp, Mobi, M83. I listened to a couple of tracks and then I laid down the song structure following the video edit.

Drums, bass line and synths came down that same night and when my brother heard it, he liked it and I was ready to write the lyrics and the main melody.

I had a basic melody that Friday night but it would be on Saturday afternoon that I would get it right and tuned up.

I added a couple of extra sounds, violins, other strings, arpeggios and background vocals.

By Sunday, the mixing was done in the next 2 to 3 days finalized the song’s mastering.

For this song, it helped that I was inspired by the amazing images showed in the video. I was able to connect with the scenes and felt as if I was there, walking around the beautiful mountains and creeks in South America.

The mini travel docu-video ended up in a network called PTA (PlanesTrains+Automobiles) which for 2 years played the video in selected hotel rooms, trains in the USA and in Delta flights.

Here Is the video in case you want to see it. I know you’ll love it!


This mini documentary features an area that really presents itself as a remote almost unexplored territory with beautiful lakes, animals, vegetation and more. This is a mini travel video featuring beautiful scenes in the southern-est areas in Argentina and Chile. The song’s name is “Journey” and it was produced by Karluca.

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