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Film Score

This portfolio features a variety of projects, customized music composition for Film, TV shows, Documentaries, and Games.

For years, Karluca has been adding the electronic touch to all the music he’s played. Karluca developed a passion for film scoring, and after attending film school for a period of time, cinema and film scoring has been part of his life as a artist. Karluca has been writing music for commercials, films, documentaries and more.

Listen to More Examples

These examples will show you tones, moods, instrumentation, genres, music styles and melodies that have helped audiovisual, film, game or documentary upscale its value. Karluca works hand in hand with directors and producers to get the right sound for the project. Enjoy.

Orchestral Music

Los Ocho Trailer

In this trailer we can lister to the music, written by Karluca, to create the perfect sentiment to the film. Los Ocho was filmed in Miami and it features many well recognized actors in national TV Channels such as Univision and Telemundo.


V of the Dead

Full score produced by Karluca. The Valencia Film department presents its trailer for the 18th Annual Film Celebration for Valencia Motion Pictures’ features and shorts.

In the next Post I will be featuring a video where my song Journey was featured in Mini Documentary that was featured in select Delta Flights.

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